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Victory By Stalemate


“The underdog wins if he doesn’t lose.” – Old Axiom, Unattributed

A Different Path To The Top

In most countries, Masters and Grandmasters comprise a small, tight-knit community (In case the thumbnail didn’t give it away – I’m referring to chess).

Those with top rankings usually keep a close eye on the rising contenders. In fact, they can often predict, with surprising accuracy, which players will one day make it to their level – and who won’t…

Years ago, there was a rising star – with a seemingly bright future – making his way up the ranks at a pace that surprised even this fellowship. Veterans at this level are rarely surprised – so it provoked their inquiry into how

After a game, each player’s

Echoes Of The Architects


“… So far as I am acquainted with the principles and Doctrines of Free Masonry, I conceive them to be founded on benevolence and to be exercised for the good of mankind. If it has been a Cloak to promote improper or nefarious objects, it is a melancholy proof that in unworthy hands, the best institutions may be made use of to promote the worst designs.” – George Washington

Freemasonry┬áis as often misunderstood by its critics as by its supporters. Knowledge of its history sheds light upon the largest misconceptions – as well as important insight into our present…

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

Origins Of Architecture

Though myths and legends …