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Western Civilization – Patriots and Tyrants


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

A deep understanding of warfare in Western Civilization cannot exclude that wars are driven by economic forces.

Carroll Quigley’s Evolution of Civilizations and Tragedy and Hope are astounding resources on this topic. I highly recommend reading both.

Medieval Europe:

1000 AD – The pinnacle of defensive weaponry was the impregnable stonewalled castle. Castles gave the feudal lords who owned one, the power to say “no,” even to the King. The counterpart in offensive weaponry was the Knight in armor. Mounted on horseback, Knights dominated combat in the open fields, but were all but useless against castle walls. Laying siege to a castle required the besiegers to invest 3-5 times …

Western Civilization – Classically Liberal, Traditionally Conservative


Western Civilization’s success is unlike any other. Its lifespan has seen the destruction of hundreds of other societies, and at least six other civilizations. Each of its predecessors has followed the same life cycle, culminating in decay and destruction. (See: The Architecture Of History)

It has demonstrated an uncanny ability, unlike all others, to reform and reorganize itself, and adapt its success to each new age. Each Instrument of Expansion decays into an Institution, giving rise to an Age of Conflict as time passes.

First Instrument Of Expansion – Agriculture – Feudal farming, using serf labor. The Dark Ages were prolonged by excessive taxation and institutionalized religion. First Age Of Conflict – Medieval Wars. The Crusades. Witch …

Classical Civilization – Fall Of An Institutionalized Elite


The term Classical Civilization encompasses the Greek and Roman Civilizations.

These civilizations experimented with democracy, and brought forth the concept of the voting class, the “citizen.” But it’s not the pretty picture painted by school textbooks. The word “citizen” literally means “one who dwells in the city.” Those who were not citizens, were slaves. No exceptions.

Those outside the city had no vote, and were slaves for the benefit of the city dwellers. The lifestyle of the citizens was sustained by the rural slave-farmers and trade laborers. Country-dwelling farmers were conscripted to go to war to expand the wealth and empire of the city dwellers.

The citizens looked upon city life and its culture as morally superior to country life. The citizen lifestyle revolved around leisure, luxury, and intellectual …

The Architecture Of History


Our lives are shaped by forces larger than ourselves. There is no escaping this.

To understand our world and our place in it, we must understand these forces.

Civilizations follow an evolutionary process all their own. Just as school of fish reacts to the presence of a shark, so do human civilizations react to forces and events larger than any member of society.

Carroll Quigley gives a powerful account of these in Evolution of Civilizations. Not many in history, save the rulers of the day, have ever had such perspective. He deserves much credit for the following, though he is not my only source.

Societies are comprised of major social structures that exist in the areas of: Politics, Economics, Religious, Military, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Culture and Communications.

Collective Salvation Never Lives Up to Its Name


Beware anyone preaching collective salvation.

It always starts with talk of working together and achieving great things…

But it ends with requiring everyone to do incredibly stupid things en masse in order to be “saved.”

The Sumerians sacrificed their virgins, food, labor and wealth to the Sumerian Priesthood, in exchange for supernatural rituals, because they couldn’t tell the time of year and predict the flood of the Euphrates River.

The Canaanites, under Queen Jezebel, were told that plagues and famine were caused by supernatural demons, called Baals. The only way to get rid of these was to perform collective demon-cleansing rituals. The Canaanite royalty ordered their subjects to build huge bonfires and hurl their babies into the fire. The people were told the screaming of burning infants was …