Collective Salvation Never Lives Up to Its Name


Beware anyone preaching collective salvation.

It always starts with talk of working together and achieving great things…

But it ends with requiring everyone to do incredibly stupid things en masse in order to be “saved.”

The Sumerians sacrificed their virgins, food, labor and wealth to the Sumerian Priesthood, in exchange for supernatural rituals, because they couldn’t tell the time of year and predict the flood of the Euphrates River.

The Canaanites, under Queen Jezebel, were told that plagues and famine were caused by supernatural demons, called Baals. The only way to get rid of these was to perform collective demon-cleansing rituals. The Canaanite royalty ordered their subjects to build huge bonfires and hurl their babies into the fire. The people were told the screaming of burning infants was the only thing that could scare the demons away.

Large groups are plagued with diffusion of responsibility. If the group is large and determined enough, no one feels accountable for their actions. As long as there are stupid people, they will be led astray. The Nazi Concentration Camps, the Gulag, The Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, The Jonestown Cult…

…all of these atrocities were done in the name of collective salvation.

Individuals who horrible things on their own, typically do not last very long. Collectives, however, can sustain atrocities on a scale no one person ever could. If you happen to be insane and in charge of a lot of people, ordering collective atrocities can be used to keep the people distracted from your own crimes and failings.